Prayer Intentions

Post a prayer intention that the spirit directs so,

collectively we may offer up

to God the awesome power of prayer as Our Lord asks. 

God speaks in the silence of the heart.

Listening is the beginning of prayer ~ Mother Teresa






38 responses to “Prayer Intentions

  1. Welsh Girl

    Prayer of Saint Bernadette of Lourdes for my sick friend, DD.
    O God, protector and lover of the humble, You bestowed on Your servant, Bernadette, the favor of the vision of Our Lady, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, and of speech with her. Grant that we may deserve to behold You in heaven, Amen.

  2. Allan43

    Please pray for Holy Priests and for vocations to the sacred priesthood. They are the hands that bring us Jesus. So many times in my life when all seems to have fallen apart the Holy Mass has been my strength and salvation.

  3. BrigidEir42

    Please pray for my family that we soon find ourselves in a better position financially. Pray for Catholic families and communities to bond together more closely in the Spirit in a Network of God’s love.

  4. Michael

    Some prayers for people who are in positions of leadership and trust, that their hearts and minds are open to the direction provided by God and that they are further guided by individuals He places in their path.

  5. Rohanish

    Pray that young people return to the Mass and that they understand.

  6. Anna

    I pray for all people espesialy my grandfather who is having a big important oporation soon and for other people who turn away from God everday I pray that they can feel the holy spirit inside them and they join us in prayer at mass. Now im only 12 years old but I see tenagers in school who are afraid and when I see this I pray that they can turn to God for help!

  7. Leila

    That when things go well we are as truly grateful as we are when we are needing God’s intervention in our lives. That we learn when to give our troubles to Jesus the Son so that we might be saved.

  8. Please pray for my Father-in-Law who is very ill in hospital with serious complications after surgery. Give him and those around him courage to bear his cross and to ask for Grace in Jesus name.

  9. Rohanish

    Pray for those in charge of young people and those making decisions about them. Help them to see that firm boundaries and loving guidance are normal and that children learn respect for their world and those within. Let us also be mindful of what we practice and preach in our own homes.

  10. Pray for our brothers and sisters in our world who suffer from extreme temperatures, earthquakes, famines, and other such disasters.

    We pray also that we open our eyes to keeping our Earth green to protect future generations – not just ours.

  11. Louisa

    Please pray for my friend and her three children who is in an abusive marriage and can’t find the courage to leave.

  12. BrigidEir42

    Thank you Lord that we find ourselves in a slightly better position financially. God’s love is undying and His care for us is wonderful.

  13. Powerful Prayer in Desperate Times of Need
    Shoulder wound of Jesus . . .
    Oh loving Jesus, meek Lamb of God, I, a miserable sinner, salute and worship the most sacred wound of Thy shoulder, on which Thou did bear Thy heavy cross, which tore Thy flesh and lay Thy bones as to inflict an anguish greater than any other wound of Thy most blessed body.
    I adore Thee, oh Jesus most sorrowful. I praise and glorify Thee, and give thanks fully to Thee for the most holy and sacred and painful wound. Beseeching Thee by that exceeding pain, and by the crushing burden of Thy heavy cross to be
    merciful to me on towards heaven along the way of Thy cross. In Jesus’ name (make request) Amen to all.

    **This powerful prayer must be said for requests and most urgent help. After you have said it, ask for requests, then you must publish it right away
    for requests to be granted.**

    Thank you for hearing my prayers I have alot of faith that my prayer has already been answered. God Bless. Amen.

    Read more:

  14. Pray for healing for Rachel’s brain tumour to leave her body and be with her parents. Amen!

  15. Please pray for Jessie who has chronic tonsillitis and is trying to find God. Amen!

  16. Please pray for the growth of Parish Family Groups in South Wales and the UK. In this time of trouble and with our ageing priestly population, PFG’s will help us to bind our parishes together to form strength in unity. Amen!

  17. Please pray for Jonny, that justice will be done, amen.

  18. Please pray for Sharla who is in a lot of pain. Heal her dear Jesus and keep her safe. Amen.

  19. Please pray for Luke’s baby and his wife that she has a normal birth and that the baby is healthy. Amen.

  20. Please pray for baby Penny that she recovers from her operation. Keep her safe in your gentle arms, Lord. Amen.

  21. Please pray for little Christian who is in a dire family situation. Keep him safe under the wings of your angels and send someone to care for him and his family. Amen.

  22. Please pray for Kirstie’s daughter after her miscarriage. Heal her heart Lord and give her strength to follow your will for her life. Amen.

  23. Please pray for Mal that his health be restored, amen

  24. Please pray for Michael with his back pain and unexplained infection. Amen

  25. Please pray for Nancy with cellulitis. may she be given strength and healing dear Lord. Amen

  26. Please pray a young girl with chronic, unexplained gynecological problems. May she allow Jesus back into her life fully and so be healed, and may her boyfriend find peace in a negative test result for a serious family health condition and that he want to know Jesus. Amen.

  27. Please pray for Donna who has unexplained pain. Bring to her a doctor who will help her. Give her strength and courage dear Lord and heal her if this is your will. amen.

  28. Please pray for Lynette. Praise be your Holy name, Our Father and God of all. Heal her heart and mind and body. Amen

  29. Please pray for Kevin who has suffered a stroke. He is young and now has no memory. Please help him and send your healing to him dear Lord. Thank you. Amen

  30. Please pray for Andy who has a low resistance to illness. Heal him and send him your love and strength. amen

  31. Pray for Daniel who is having difficulty in his employment. Show him your guiding hand, dewar Lord and open doors for him. Jesus we trust in You! Amen

  32. Please pray for one year old boy and his family who need your prayers. Dear Jesus take this little family into your loving arms and protect them. Give them the tools they need to survive. Amen

  33. Please pray for Amanda who has back pain. Pray that she be strengthened and to give her relief. amen

  34. Please pray for a woman with an ectopic pregnancy who has lost all hope of ever having children. Dear Lord take this care from her and give her a miracle in Your Holy name we pray, amen!

  35. Please pray for Marley with cancer. Cover her with your Holy healing power Lord. amen

  36. Dearest Jesus we pray for Vicky who has cancer. Touch her with your healing hands. Bless her life, and her family amen.

  37. Please pray for Helen who has made a new commitment to Jesus and needs your loving care and strength amen.

  38. Please pray for a man with kidney problems. May he feel your gentle, healing touch amen

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