Feel free to share your favourite saint and you may also like to share your experience in why you feel connected or drawn to them.




4 responses to “Saints

  1. allan43

    St Therese of Lisieux- where do I start? Reading the saints are like holding a mirror up to yourself. Therese shows me the way to love God in everything. To never lose hope, to trust in the love of Christ. St Therese Doctor of the Church and guardian of little souls pray for us.

  2. Welsh Girl

    St. Joseph – I was given a St. Joseph Holy card during a challenging time of my life when a major decision had to be made in my life which would affect our whole family. I prayed fervently during this time to St. Joseph and was rewarded with the gift of patience, peace and many small signs along the way to show us that all would be well and that we were to have complete TRUST and SURRENDER all our worries to God our Father. This helped me to endure the waiting time of a few years and brought me strength of spirit which I carry with me today.

  3. CCCG

    St. Jude. I’m a little afraid it sounds trite, or I don’t know, desperate. I try praying every day, sometimes without much intention at all.

    Eighteen years ago, I had a surprise pregnancy that was problematic from the start. At one point I got really angry at God and said, “You only care about men, not women and children!” I almost died in childbirth, and my premature baby, who had no vital signs at birth, survived too. He’s about to enter university in September.

    And I’ve recently made an at least temporary recovery from a potentially life-threatening flare of a chronic disease. I know very well my relative good health may not last, but in the meantime, it’s great to be alive, with family and friends and the great big world out there to explore.

    I sometimes think I’ve been giving these chances because I’m so foolish that St. Jude’s hoping against hope to give me enough time to smarten up.

  4. Anna

    My favorite saint would be St. Bridget. I like her because I feel that I am drawn to her for a reson which I havent figured out yet a reson is I’m only 12 but I know a lot about her and I have been given her cross and I have read about her at school. I love to learn about new saints because I dont really know every saint yet but I want to learn about them in time.

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