Daily Bread

 Share a daily testimony regarding God’s spirit moving in your life.



 Sharing is a wonderful gift we give to each other. It is reciprocal and what we are meant to do. Sharing builds our confidence in our Faith and helps us to help others by just listening, and being interested in our Catholic brothers and sisters. Life can be a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be, and God does not mean for us to be alone all of the time. Daily sustenance is available to us all by sharing things that happen which draw us to walk closer with Jesus the Son.



4 responses to “Daily Bread

  1. allan43

    Meditations with a bad back.Recently I have been suffering from severe back pain. I decided to take up walking to strengthen my back. I went this morning to Cwmtillery lakes, Abertillery and had a slow walk around. As I walked I prayed the four mysteries of the rosary. While praying the baptism in the Jordan I looked at the lakeside reeds and was awed at the humility of Our Lord who did this to fufill all righteousness. I stopped and watched the waterfall that fed into the lake and was reminded of the living water that does away with thirst. I watched the clouds hanging low over the surrounding valley and was speechless and the work of the word of God through which all was created. One image, one truth after another leapt to my mind and I experienced what St Therese described as prayer as an impulse of the heart. This for me was another example of God using all things to his glory even my back pain which induced me to take up walking which I had not done in a long time.    

  2. Friday was a bad morning – bad as in I’d had one thing after another happen to thwart me; and which left me feeling quite empty and low. This type of thing tends to happen when I am trying my hardest to walk closer to God and I get the feeling that I am being intenionally thwarted so that I will give up. Still, even knowing this; knowing I could say a prayer for help in the form of renewed strength and protection…because for once, I did not have the strength to. This time I wanted to wallow in my martrydom because I could not see how anything could possibly lift my spirit and I was just too tired.
    Within a half an hour of thinking this, I’d bumped into three people I knew quite well without leaving the garden and had a visit by two others – all with different conversations, requests and gifts! Truly, I was amazed. I felt a strange stirring of peace wash over me which lasted for the remainder of the day.
    Later on that evening, I tried to understand why God had prompted these people to visit me despite my deliberate attempt to wallow. Jesus gave his life for me – the ultimate sacrifice, and it was His way of saying that I was wrong. I should always ask for His help – no matter what I think. God has special plans for us all, and we have to try hard to keep on track with what it is that He wants us to do – but we can’t do it with weak spirits – we must be strong and ask for strength and protection.

  3. Even when you think that you are having your darkest hour keep in mind that “darkest hour is always before the dawn”and you can if you have faith in yourself walk on to greet the new day.One thing that anyone must do is to think positive and to understand that the faith that has kept us going until now will see us through for all of our lives.

  4. stephen

    I started fasting once a week recently and have found it hard. I try to do it on the day I do Adoration – a fitting end to the day. I don’t find I am particularly hungry, but am having headaches and am very weary – not easy when you’re working and trying to look after a big family. They say suffering brings you closer to Jesus and what he endured for us.

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