Surrounded By Loneliness


Surrounded by people, I am oft at my loneliest.

Because God calls us, there can be times of true loneliness. Not loneliness in the physical sense, but deep in the spirit, where no other human being can reach. This place is deep within us, where neither family, or friends can neither touch, nor share. This is the place where your spirit dwells with God and the awesome nature of Him can be overwhelming.

You may feel alone with God’s demands of you, and sometimes cannot even find the strength to discuss it with your most trusted partner or friend. If things do not always make sense to you, how can you hope to explain them to someone else – even one who knows you almost as well as yourself?

God wants us to remember that we came into the world alone, leave this world alone, and so answer to Him – alone. These times of reflection are purposeful. We need time alone with God to get perspective and to pray, discerning what is needed from us, and to bask in the Glory of His Grace.

Your special time with God must be taken alone. You cannot go to your special place with the family around, the TV on, or in the car on the way to work. Solitude and peace are the only keys that will open the door to where the spirit is open to God, and where you will need to go on a regular basis. There, you will learn not to be afraid, and to breathe in the essence of life. Tune in to your spirit, to God, and when the time comes for you to face the passing of life, you will find it easier to reach inside to that special place where God dwells and draw deep founts of courage and peace. You will also know where to find God when you need him.

When God calls us, he often calls us to make sacrifices. Why do things always seem to right with others, but not me? You may find yourself asking, and, Why do I have to fight so hard in my life, when all around me, people’s lives seem to fall into place so easily? The fun, glory and richness that some others seem to have isn’t always the will of God and will pass. We are seeking eternal life and need to be constantly wary of accepting Satan’s easy fixes that he will present.

Sometimes you can look back, and actually SEE some sort of pattern which has brought you to your particular place and circumstance. The tiniest occurrence, if viewed as a speck of dirt makes more sense. Each speck alone has little appeal, but put together, creates a masterful, and rich landscape that tells its own story. Things will not always make sense to us, but to God they do – He sees the entire landscape.

Acknowledge and Accept.

You also may find yourself knowing too much. Not knowing in the academic sense, but a knowing that which embraces a depth and wisdom that the Holy Spirit provides you with order to fulfil your tasks on earth.

When you acknowledge God, and accept the purpose He has given you, you may find it difficult to accept commonplaceness that others’ find so easy to live with. Getting along with your life, as well as doing what God wants is a blend of today and the promise of tomorrow that comes from acceptance. After all, you KNOW that there is indeed magic and mystique in this world. You believe in miracles and have probably have witnessed God’s work with your own senses, and you wonder how others can live without what you have.

I have grappled with these things, and still have a way to go before everything falls into place for me, and indeed wonder if it there will ever be such a state of existence. I long for a constant state of humbled Grace and at times I feel very close yet life draws me away time after time. I am working on this, because the inkling of what can be achieved is something I need in my life in order to fulfill my tasks on earth.

I look at my parent’s lives, fraught with ups and downs and a never-ending series of events, which move them along their journey. There is no such thing as retirement from Christianity. They worked hard to make ends meet and to give us a good life, and are still persevering this way, but far from the materialistic; they are rich in spirit.

I believe God keeps us this way also. I don’t need new furniture or new clothes to feel fulfilled. Neither money nor fame will satisfy my cravings for wholeness. So when we see others getting what they want, we have to ask ourselves, do we really want the same as them, or do we fancy something as rich and satisfying as God’s good grace. And God will often bless and surprise you for your faithfulness.

Acceptance of your part in the larger scheme of things is the key to a more satisfying day, and going with the flow of the current with allow the light to shine into your future.

Pray about your circumstances. I feel lonely in my journey. Then take yourself to places where God dwells with the people, and replenish your spirit – church, prayer groups, or special Christian friends. Listening to Christian radio is nice for me because I then know that I am not truly alone in my quest.

When you find a special Christian friend, they are like finding a shining, golden spirit…a tiny fragment of Jesus. You may even only ever find a select few people that you link with in your journey towards the light, to share God’s purpose with. But when you do, you will feel so truly blessed. These people, you could spend a whole day with, and could talk without end. You feel alive and whole, as your spirit is filled once again. You cannot give and give without replenishment. These special people are often busy dividing time between their own life, and/or family, and in doing God’s work, so what little time you have is usually on a deep and meaningful level from the very start. Together you give each other energy, courage and strength. Remember to pray together with these people.

You must understand that these shining people have crossed your path for one or many reasons. You may never discover what that reason was/is. It may be for them, for you or for you both, however it WILL be for a reason – it is God’s will and orchestrated by his angels. Very many times though, you will actually discover some of the reasons why you have met a particular person. Many times in my life this has happened and when you look over your shoulder, the path is so full of light you wonder why you didn’t see it before.


Acknowledge, and accept.


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