Misjudging Mortality

The old mole had misjudged his immortality. Blindly, he’d spent his life digging holes. After digging his final hole, he emerged on the cliff top. The sun was setting, and he cast his eye across waters to watch a glistening Atlantic Salmon dive magnificently across a wave in the vast ocean. Above him in the clear blue sky a falcon wheeled through cool air. For a moment, the mole thought he could see something bright and startling deep in the fading light of the sky. Suddenly he wondered why he’d spent all of his precious time digging holes and turned his face away to see the mess he had created with his life.

Sometimes we fail to see the mess we are creating with God’s wonderful gift of life. We fail also to see the importance of the gifts he gives us to use daily; gifts of the spirit which we receive at our confirmation; things that are available for us to use daily in our lives to benefit those around us. Instead, we choose to dig holes and dwell in dark tunnels avoiding the light and thus avoiding the truth. The truth cannot be avoided forever though and comes a day to us all that we are answerable to God himself.

Daily we must seek His guidance through the Holy Spirit, an awesome guide to the fruits of life without which we cannot live fully. We should seek also the wisdom provided by Jesus the Son. Jesus who died for us and whom we often forget to cherish as we busy ourselves in our daily routine. He is our constant companion and will show Himself to us in ways we cannot dream.

We must seek answers in the Word of God, in the words which give us hope and comfort and answers in ways which are not always as black and white as we presume. We must not forget Him who gave us life.

Finally, we must seek console with God Himself. We must go quietly within the chamber of our own heart to consult with God in prayer and thanksgiving. Only there do we see how fruitless it is to dig holes without answering to the truths we are provided with. Only then do we see what it is God wants of us, and in accepting this, allow the light of truth to govern our daily life.

Emerge on to the cliff top. Gaze at the rising sun and cast your eye across waters to watch a salmon dive magnificently across a wave in God’s vast ocean. Above you, in the clear blue sky, a falcon wheels through the cool air and breathes life as the Spirit breathes joy into our lives. Become aware of the light growing around you and be part of God’s plan and rejoice.img_4831


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