For What We Are About To Receive

One day, I sat down to begin writing a series of Christian Living Articles. It was to be so simple, with lots of profound thought and wise counsel. Before beginning I thought to check my e-mails, however my first one was to change my day, and indeed told of a tragedy so close to home that it unsettled my world, and made those words I wanted to share sound suddenly impotent. A man known to our family was killed as he rode home from work. Gone…in the same breath of time that it took to give him life, and leaving five young children fatherless, and a now desolate wife.

Sometimes we become so comfortable in our own infinitesimal world, that we risk becoming distant from the real, and sometimes tragic events that shape the world…the world for those around us, and sometimes our own world. At these times we risk becoming ineffectual Christians, risk becoming an automated community who dress for church each Sunday with audacious pride, but who remove all Christian obligations as we close the church door and remove our Sunday best.

God calls us more often than we realize—every day, every hour. Our spouses, children, neighbours, friends and strangers call on us to live our Christian faith. Just as we don’t close the church door to strangers, the door of our hearts must be open in order for us to hear the call of God.

But are we truly listening? Do we indeed hear the voice of Jesus disguised as our small son in need, lonely stranger at the shop, or that acquaintance facing tragedy, or friend just needing our ear?

Dear Lord put opportunity in my way, show me ways to be your servant, and humble me to allow others to serve me also.

This small, yet effective prayer is one I wrote to open my heart to what is required of me, opening my heart to the needs of others, and in turn using those opportunities to invite Jesus into other people’s lives. For if we do not hear others’ calling us to help, then how can we expect God to hear us calling Him from the gates of Heaven?




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