Some Important Notes…

Some important notes to think about

Family Group Calendar – Some groups find it is important to keep some sort of Family Group Calendar in order to keep dates for birthdays, anniversaries etc so they can be recognised and, perhaps celebrated.

Family Group Journal or Photo Album Some groups find it nice to keep a record of the activities and so keep a ‘Family Group Journal’ or ‘Photo Album’ so that people can look back and see what was happening and just enjoy the memories and friendships that Parish Family Groups provide.

Family Group Kitty is a good idea and it can provide for such items as flowers or cards for sick members or little gifts for special occasions such as the birth of a new little member, engagement, anniversary, etc.

Group Weekend Plan ahead for your group weekend away. This is a very important time for the group because of the strong bonding that occurs so naturally. All members are encouraged to attend. Keep it simple and look for reasonably priced places which cater for large groups and families. There are many such places in the UK.

Monthly Activities – It is the responsibility of the Group to take it in turn looking after the organisation of each monthly activity.

Newcomers – New families and people are always welcome into the Parish Family Group If a new person/family wants to join a group, please direct them to thee however should contact the PFG Co-ordinator to be placed into a group.

Personalities – Be sensitive to, and grateful for, difference in personality. These differences will sometimes frustrate you, but such differences also provide great potential for the enrichment of the group.

Keep It Simple

Keep Smiling



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